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Eight critical steps



STEP.3Cell wall breaking

STEP.4Adding probiotics by stages

STEP.5Fermentation and maturation

STEP.6Plant essence filtration

STEP.7Quality inspection

STEP.8Bottling and packing

Patent & International Certification

Whole Fruits and Vegetables Fermentation

Over 100 kinds of colorful fruits and vegetables

蓮霧 wax apple
鳳梨 Pineapple
四季豆 String bean
檸檬 Lemon
紅蘿蔔 Carrot
西瓜 Watermelon
甜橙 Sweet orange
葡萄 Grape
紅棗 red date
薏仁 Coron
龍眼 Longan
番茄 Tomato
馬鈴薯 Potato
辣椒 Chili
諾麗果 Noni fruit
藍莓 Blueberry
青花椰菜 Broccoli
火龍果 Dragon fruit
山藥 Chinese Yam
黑豆 Black bean
香瓜 Orient melon
小黃瓜 Cucumber
波菜 Spinach
哈密瓜 Cantaloupe
高麗菜 Cabbage
李子 Plum
秋葵 Okra
白蘿蔔 White radish
青椒 Green pepper
紅鳳菜 Okinawan spinach

Food safety and quality control

We adhere strictly to the highest quality control protocols meeting the safety and quality requirements of the health and food safety authorities.

We adhere strictly to our core principles of excellence and perfection.

We follow our developed and patented protocol producing products of the highest possible quality.

Our products adhere to health and food safety authorities regulations.

Certification of analysis

Inspection Item



  • Sugar content (Brix)
  • 52~55
  • Saccharometer
  • pH value
  • 3.1~3.7
  • pH meter
  • Temperature (℃)
  • 26
  • Thermometer

Microbiological Testing

Inspection Item



  • Total plate count
  • <100 CFU/g
  • Nissui CompactDry(Total plate count)
  • Coliform
  • <10 CFU/g
  • Nissui CompactDry(Coliform)
  • Escherichia coli
  • Negative
  • Nissui CompactDry(Escherichia coli)
  • Test of Mold and Yeast Count
  • <10 CFU/g
  • Nissui CompactDry(Test of Mold and Yeast Count)
  • Test of Salmonella
  • Not Detected
  • Not Detected Issuance of Notice No. 0951800021 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in September, 2006.
  • Test of Staphylococcus aureus
  • Not Detected
  • Not Detected Issuance of Notice No. 1041901818 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on October 13, 2015.
  • Test of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Not Detected
  • Not Detected Issuance of Notice No. 1011902808 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on November 19, 2012.