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What is phytochemicals

Plants need the ability to protect themselves when they grow, to resist the infection of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and to reduce the damage caused by natural radiation, ultraviolet radiation, air and soil pollution.

Good for human health

For the human body, phytochemicals are beneficial to human health. They can be referred to as phytonutrients.

Six categories of phytochemicals

New phytochemicals are being discovered, and the more common ones can be divided into six categories








Phenolic acid





Functions of Phytochemicals

Red-lycopene, anthocyanin, β carotene

Apple, tomato, watermelon, red sweet pepper, pepper, cranberry, chinese wolfberry, strawberry, dragon fruit, etc.

A. Protect skin from UV rays. B. Prevention of cardiovascular disease C. Boost immunity and prevent cancer D. Maintain a healthy urinary tract

Orange-β carotene, lutein, citrine, zeaxanthin

Carrot, orange, orange sweet pepper, kumquat, mango, orange tomato, sweet potato, etc.

A. Protect the skin and reduce the harm of ultraviolet rays. B. Maintain and protect eyes. C. Strengthen the immune system. D. Cancer prevention

Yellow-soybean isoflavones, lutein, chlorogenic acid, curcumin

Yellow sweet pepper, pineapple, sweet potato, grapefruit, banana, corn, star fruit, yellow lemon, soybean, pear, etc.

A. Protect the eyes and prevent the deterioration of macular retina. B. Prevention of cardiovascular disease. C. Protect gastric mucosa from damage. D. Stabilize blood glucose levels.

Green-chlorophyll, apigenin, chlorogenic acid, lutein

Gherkin, cucumber, green broccoli, bok coy, parsley, kiwi fruit, guava, okra, green beans, etc.

A. Delay aging. B. Effective prevention of colorectal cancer and skin cancer. C. Protect eyes and maintain eyesight. D. Prevent melanin formation.

White-quercetin, myricetin, Indole, glutathione

cabbage, garlic, white radish, coix, white tremella, bitter gourd, chinese cabbage, pompelmous, flammulina etc.

A. Reduce bad cholesterol and control high blood pressure. B. Anti-inflammatory and boost immunity. C. Improve heart health.

Purple-anthocyanins, procyanidins, ellagic acid

Blueberry, grape, eggplant, taro, mulberry, plum etc.

A. Prevention of cardiovascular disease. B. Protect urinary tract health. C. Improving memory.

Black-anthocyanins, procyanidins, elemental iron

Black jujube, black bean, mushroom, sesame, black tremella, kelp, seaweed, blackcurrant etc.

A. Protects and moisturizes skin. B. Enhance immunity system. C. Prevent constipation and effective of colorectal cancer.

Look for health, starting with your daily meals.

Where can find phytochemical?

Principle of health –Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Purple (Color of daily meals)




In 2015, Taiwan Health Food Society investigated that; Taiwanese daily meals nutrient intake was insufficient.

Which side are you standing on?

Top 10 cancer leading cause of death in Taiwan

2016 year V.S. 2006 year

    2016 year

  • Lung cancer


  • Liver cancer


  • Colorectal cancer


  • Breast cancer


  • Breast cancer


  • Prostate cancer


  • Gastric cancer


  • Pancreatic cancer


  • Esophageal cancer


  • Ovarian cancer


    2006 year

  • 32.8

    Lung cancer

  • 32.5

    Liver cancer

  • 18.8

    Colorectal cancer

  • 18.4

    Breast cancer

  • 12.5

    Oral cancer

  • 11.5

    Prostate cancer

  • 9.8

    Gastric cancer

  • 8.5

    Pancreatic cancer

  • 7.4

    Esophageal cancer

  • 5.6

    Ovarian cancer

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for classified by classification of diseases (Classification of Diseases, ICD-10).

Should not be me

Since 1991, the United States has initiated a health recommendation, so called "5 A Day," for suggesting everybody to consume five folds of fruit and vegetable every day.

After 5-year promotion, the incidence of cancer in the USA were down-regulated with 0.7% annually. The related mortality rate was also decreased by 0.5% every year.Recent in Taiwan, more than 92% people daily vegetables and fruits intake was insufficient.

I want to change…but…


Not more time.


Just eat meat.


Lose any motivation


Love snacks

No more excuses!

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