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Derived from Sun Moon Lake

The Sun Moon Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Taiwan, bounded by lalu island. It is shaped like the sun in the east and the moon in the west. Hence the name Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake is surrounded by endless and rugged mountains, It has mystical four distinct seasons. There is something magical about this place, its flowers bloom in the morning and in the evening. Our enzyme is fermented in such mysterious place.

Insist on Originality

Insist on.

Insist on producing enzymes with exclusive patented fermentation technology.

Insist on.

Insist on producing 13 strains to provide the best phytonutrients for the human body

Insist on.

Insist on selecting over 100 kinds of colorful fruits and vegetables

Insist on.

Insist on selecting Whole Fruits and Vegetables Fermentation to preserve phytochemicals

Research and Development Core

Combining the industry, academia and research community, we cooperate with the most prestigious research institutes including Chung Shan Medical University and the Chaoyang university of technology. We hire the most talented and dedicated physicians and to serve as R&DResearch and Development technical consultants.

Head advise Dr. You Chan Technical Adviser Dr. Yao-Kuan Chen Technical Adviser Dr. Ying-Chi Du

Feedback of Public Welfare

「Take from the hometown, use in the hometown」

Ggrateful for the natural powers of the Sun Moon Lake, we created good, natural and healthy enzymes.

Children are the flowers waiting to bloom and the hope of our hometown, we support children to grow up healthy.